Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will you get my refund?

    Most refunds are fully refunded after we receive the matress you send back to us and process your return.

  • What can I return?

    You may return most new, unopened items sold within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

  • Does offer replacements and exchanges?

    Yes, you can create replacement and exchange orders.If you received a damaged or defective item, we’ll ship you a replacement of the exact item. If you would like to exchange an item for another, you can exchange for a different size or color or for an item in your Cart.

  • What if I have back pain or other problems?

    We’ve developed detailed tips about choosing the right mattress for different types of back pain, as well as a video that guides you through best advice. You can also view easy-to-follow charts of different configurations with commentary on the body types and physical issues you suit best.

  • I don’t need customization—what if I just want a natural mattress?

    We’ve designed comfortable and durable innerspring mattress. The Earthspring is a revelation to many people who like sleeping on an innerspring style, but don’t like what most of them are made of. Be sure not to miss these images of the differences between what’s inside an Earthspring and a conventional innerspring.

  • How do I trust you and your company? 

    We are authorized manufacturer Mattress Retailer! Quality in line with CE certification.We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.

  • Trade terms:

    1.air transport: DHL,UPS,EMS,TNT...

    2.sea transportation:FOB, can chose as you like

  • Do i Need To Keep Any Of The Boxes?

    For mattresses, no need to keep the box! We use large industrial machines to compress and pack our mattresses, so they won’t go back into their original package.

  • Please quotation to me?

    Please tell me the size and quantity and also the shipping address you need us ship .then we will quotation with best price for you.

  • How do I know what bed is right for me?

    The best way to shop is to determine a budget, but keep an open mind; you might like a better product. First off, find a sales person that you can trust. The best case would be one that is non-commission, like the staff at The Mattress Factory.

    Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to spend 10 to 15 minutes on your favorite models. Never wander around pressing beds with your hands because this will tell you nothing about the true feel of the mattress. Allow the salesperson to guide you. A good salesperson asks many questions and should have all the answers to your bedding questions. You must spend quality time on the different models; there is no need to be shy or embarrassed.

  • Terms Of Mattress

    When shopping a new mattress you will hear so many buzzwords. Here are a few terms to help you out:

    Coil Count: The number of innerspring coils in a mattress.Innerspring Unit: A coil and wire unit that makes up the supportive heart of most mattresses.

    Coil Gauge: The thickness of the wire used in innerspring mattresses and border wires. A lower gauge number denotes a thicker wire and a firmer mattress feel. A higher gauge results in a plusher, more conforming feel.

    Comfort Layers: Foam, padding and fiber blended layers added above an innerspring system to provide cushioning; also called upholstery layers.Latex Foam: Natural body-conforming material often used to increase softness and relieve pressure points.

    Visco Memory Foam: Synthetic man made material that responds to your body using temperature and weight."

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